(doo doo dee dee dah dah) ahh honey honey.

Just wanted to post a few pictures of what my classmates and I have been doing at school these days - mostly playing with sugar. Poured sugar, blown sugar, pulled sugar, rock sugar... it's uh, pretty sweet. (heyo!)

Lollipop anyone?

Candy cane!

Ribbon candy

Poured sugar pets

My partner and I made a guitar-playing marsupial. Naturally.

Jessica's blown sugar fruit basket. She's kind of awesome.

Kristyn's blown sugar giraffe. Also awesome.

Hungry hungry caterpillar

Chipmunks in love in sugar

Sugar Scrabble board

You sunk my sugar battleship


The most delicious board game of all

Pretty sweet, huh?


Death By...

Chocolate, duh. Or, more specifically, death of mini chocolate "cupcakes" by ferocious, mean-faced chocolate cupcake monster.

Don't follow? It's okay. Look:

This is my latest FCI-assigned chocolate project. The assignment was to design a chocolate showpiece that embodies this theme: if you were a creature or monster, what would you be?

This is me.

I'm calling it (me?) a "quarter-life cupcake crisis monster." What do you think? Can you see the resemblance? Notice the swirly chocolate "frosting" - maybe brunette curls?

And these are my poor, delicious little chocolate victims:

It's too bad they're so adorable and delicious. Maybe if they weren't made out of pure chocolate, I wouldn't want to eat them.

...Yeah who am I kidding? Of course I would. I'm a pastry school student, for pete's sake. Eating cupcakes is like, homework.

Life is really hard sometimes.